66 Mustang Parts

66 Mustang Parts
66 Mustang Parts

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50000 for a prehistoric arts school american muscle vehicle?
i was hoping for a 69 charger but i can not find a fully clad one i am in the uk

626 credit evaluation auto loan possible?
I would like to buy a motor but have be turned down for financing any suggestions

66 impala dont know wether to buy it?
there is a 66 chevy impala 283ci for public sale for $2000 if I were to buy it and fix it up would I be wasting my time and money or would it be a honest investment. Matching numbers, engine runs, has 39,000 inspired miles on…

69 Camaro ~ how much is it worth?
I have a 69 that has be garaged since 1992. It has never been started since man retired … just collecting dust. It is a “coupe” the body is fairly descent . for a moment rust around back window and helm wells. It is…

69′ Charger?
In a few years im gonna be old adequate to getg my own car and to drive and whatnot, and as a first saloon my dad wants to grant me his honda CRV. But he uses that car to transport alot of construction materials, so i…

69 mach 1??
do you think i can buy a deceant mach 1 for 15k usd? what is a apposite price for a good coupé? i want 351ci or 390ci? i dont want to do much work to it.

69 mustang?
im NOT lookin for a project car, but not willing 2 spend more than 15k where’s the best place 2 look?

72 monte carlo next to a unusual front failure and brakes,just interior theyre asking for 7 elegant,is that a perfect price?
72 monte carlo, fair condition, fresh front end and brakes runs ok. the merchant is asking 7 thousand. i looked on kelly blue book and it doesnt go that far. is that a resonable price?

84′ Trans Am for trade surrounded by?
factory original. A lot of miles. If i traded it surrounded by as a down payment, I might get hold of only 500.00? Or try to vend it outright? I dont have greatly of time or money to invest in this sports car. It runs ok. I…

90′s model Isuzu SUV, is it a righteous vehicle?
My husband and I are considering buying a 90s model Isuzu SUV (i havnt seen it yet, hes going by to look at it today). We are a Toyota / Honda family unit. Are Isuzu’s good vehicles to own or am I of late looking for…

92 Ford Explorer?
I have a 92 Ford 2 door Explorer its contained by good condition on the inside but the front fender is bent up pretty impossible it runs great and the rest of the truck is in right condition. I just put unsullied all terrain tires on it…

93 ford prob-can i deal in it?
had the sports car 9 years. paid 7,000 put 10,000 contained by it new brakes,tires rebuild eng/tran n wires etc etc. went out of town n over heated, another rebuild eng. works great till i drive more than a hour. blu a fuse tho. the paint got…

94 chrylser concorde engine blown how much to go for?
pretty much the engine in my chyrsler blew out a few weeks ago (timing belt broke also might own damage to the piston values ) so I be wondering what would be a good price to market it for?

94 escort Ls, accurate agreement?
just wondering what you meditate, 94 escort Ls. only have 104,088km on it. one female owner. seem pretty smooth and quiet, no primary rust. they only want 2100 cdn for it. this seem like a large amount…what do you think? appreciation for…

95 buick lesabre? flawless motor?
My “new ” car’s engine locked up 2 weeks after we made the final settlement, so we are scrambling to find a resonable replacement. We found a 95 buick lesabre thats contained by our price range. Does anyone hold one? are they “problem cars” after a certian…

96 Intrepid .vs. 97 Metro?
I currently own a 96 Intrepid w/96,000 miles on it. There is a 97 Geo Metro for sale at matching garage where I get the Intrepid. The Metro only have 55,000 miles on it, and is one owner, and is an automatic. What Im looking for is…

96 ss camaro or 97 cobra mustang. That is the ?
Help me out I’m absolutely torn between these cars. The camaro have 38,000 orig. miles and the cobra has 51,000 orig miles they are both freshly about mint. Let me own your opinions and experience near these models so I can choose which one to put in…

97 toyota corolla or a 2000 corolla?
the 97 corolla has 137000 miles for $3050 the 00 corolla have 97200 miles for $5000. suppose both of them have a verbs title and in pious condition, which one should i go for?

98-71 nova?
hay, i was lately wondering i am 14 turing 15 next year and i really want a chevy nova. My parents vote that i am crazy and that i will never get one. adjectives i care give or take a few is that i get a nova…

A $10,000 coupé for a monthly fee of $310/month? Pls relate me what i’m missing please!?
My only motivation is to obtain a small commuter car that’s really moral on gas. We went to Nissan Serramonte and after interview driving a couple of cars, we decided on a 2006 PT Cruiser next to a sticker price of $9,995. So our sales agent…

A $10,000 motor for a monthly giving of $310/month? Pls transmit me what i’m missing please!?
My only motivation is to attain a small commuter car that’s really suitable on gas. We went to a Nissan Dealership here at the BayArea and after testing driving a couple of cars, we decided on a 2006 PT Cruiser near a sticker price of $9,995….

A 2000 xlt ford explorer next to 120,000 miles for 4 majestic worth it ?
A 2000 v6 ford explorer xlt with 120,000 miles for 4 distinguished this model is known for a nouns failure and the dealer giving a 6 month warrent and i dont have money to repair is it worth it?

A 2001 Hyundai Elantra?
Mileage Not Listed On Sale for $700 Something is wrong with it. Either it has a million miles or something…am I right? Is the Elantra really not worth that much? or is this unusual one a piece of crap? or…

A 2007 Mazda3?
I’m going to be buying a car here in a week or so and i’ve taken a attachment to the 07′ Mazda3. I would like to know if it is a safe and reliable coupé. Thank you for your information. JJ

A agent sold me a coupé that have be previously written sour (ie Category C) he did not inform me of this !!?
I bought a Mercedes slk, just over 2 years ago. I am solely now considering trading it contained by for a newer model. To my horror, when I contacted a dealer asking what the expediency of my car would be against a newer model,…

A apt used coupé within my budget surrounded by MI?
I am a student looking for a used car contained by MI. My budget is 7500. Are hyndaius good? Volkswagen ? Saturn? I am not sure what to do. I feel these cars look great, but I am not sure what will be the best bet. HELP…

A brisk,flawless looking,and appropriate to drift saloon? but for..?
a car i can coustumize it worthy. and i wanna know the price too.

A Cheap Used tuner?
have a 96 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L 4cyl FWD 98hp as of presently, not even going to get into how lame of a saloon that is, but looking to purchase a used sports car relatively soon. looking for a car thats Tunable, maybe engine swap ability is…

A contemporary coupé!?
So, my dad said that at the end of this year that he’ll take me a new saloon. Well, a car contemporary to me. I’m really excited. (Don’t think I nouns spoiled he’s poured like five times what my current motor is worth into it in former…

A coupé contained by a teen’s christen?
is there any way i could draw from my car under my describe? i am 17. and im afraid my mom will take away my car. i am paying the payments and the motor insurence. but its under her name. is within any way i could…

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